Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Camera

Long time no write. If anyone is still out there check out That's where most of the new stuff goes up. Anyhoo, this is a new video I made over the last couple weeks on my brother's new Sony Handy. check it out. I f anyone from Korea is reading this I miss all you guys like crazy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

This was a perfect day. A bunch of us got BMXes and skateboards and rode downtown, ate hot dogs, and found some sweet new spots. Yes, that's me breakdancing.

The Christmas of Skateboarding

This is Me, my little brother, and Ollie just cruisin downtown and having fun. Not too mush tech, just party. Also, Ollie said he didn't like hip hop in skate vids so I chose this song.

Ollie Tibbles Demo

This is a demo I made for my buddy Ollie. It was shot at the Smith Falls skate park in the winter. There is still snow on the ground and it was cold as Christmas. There is a chocolate factory in that town but it is moving to Mexico. So, no more chocolate, only unemployment. Sucks.

Make Money Money

Hey Y'all, check up on my new business. Tell your friends. And can someone tell Jason Hendrix he's a Youtube star.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Unky Beard and Aunt Tracer

Uncy Beard and Aunt Tracer are some of my favorites! This a beautiful picture of them. At Christmas they kept me up all night. Aunty Tracer gave me life advice while Beard played "I'm Leaving on Jetplane" almost unbearably on a guitar to my left. They are really crazy and like shooting machine guns all throughout Asia. Maybe you should go look at their blogs.


M16S AND AKS BITCH - this was their christmas card?

Friday, January 12, 2007


Ok, this is the SwampCat 2007 movie nomination for best movie of all time. And the winner is obviously THRASHIN!!!! This movie has been rocking since 1986 and still totally rules. When I was seven my dad bought me and my brother this movie on Beta. Do you even know what Beta is?? (It's like mini VHS tapes.) Me and my brother watched this movie everyday, and soon after, bought skateboards, and cut up black electrical tape into post-punk sayings like "SKATE THE POOL" or "LOCALS ONLY." The plot of Thashin is awesome! Cory Webster, the hero, goes to LA to enter a bunch of skate competitions and hook up with his Valley boy buddies . . . but, there is a bad guy gang of skaters called the DAGGERS!!!!! Who are friggin bad-ass. And of course Cory Webster falls in love with the main Dagger's sister. Which pisses everybody off. So, it all ends in this narly downhill battle. And Rodney Mullen does stunt skating in it, and the Red Hot Chilly Peppers are there too. This movie is rad and I give it the SwampCat Movie Award of all Time.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 in Japan

We spontaniously decided to go to Osaka on friday, stayed up all night planning it, and then left that moring at 5am. Without any sleep we were eating Japanese pizzas downtown Osaka the next day. We spent the night wandering around Namba, and then retired to our business hotel in shin-imamia, which is also refered to as mafia town. The next day I called up Satomi and she picked us up to show us around town. We checked out the Osaka castle, America-town, Namba, and later went for an amazing spread of sashimi and sa-ki. New Years Eve was spent in a reggae bar drinking Jack Daniels, and then meeting up with people in Triangle Square. The next day we went to Kyoto and checked out temples, and a food festival where I had the best fried chicken of my life.

Osaka Castle

Street near Namba

The Golden Temple

A small shrine we found on a mountain side in Kyoto

And of course, Japanese Hip-Hop

Monday, December 25, 2006

Korean Christmas

Hello Family, I miss you all the most at Christmas. Here is a little photo show of how I spent mine. We had a really nice meal at a restaurant and then everyone came back to our apartment for a traditional Parnell Christmas Eve sleep-over.

The family sitting down for Christmas dinner.

Rawk around the Christmas hawk.

. . . I'm actually friends with these people.

This is King Santa. Because of this man I got to eat turkey, stuffing and cranberries on Christmas. God bless you.

Was I naughty or nice? I really can't remember.

These aren't the real Santas, these are just his helpers.

This is the Irish version of Santa Claus.

Bryan and Bryant. Two of the greatest minds of our generation.

The tree and the lute!!

It's family tradition to have a mini keg. It's no Molson Canadian, but it will do just fine. Also, check out the manikin in the background. One of the better gifts I received this year!

Babes in their pollution masks.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

SNL - A Special Christmas Box

You've probably already seen this shit on your little sister's blog, but it's still funny.